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Well, this is pretty retarded.

It looks like some sort of announcement for little kids by the tone of your voice, which made it even more ridiculous. Also, this is not a flash, just merely a video with bad quality. Keep videos for youtube. Also, this didn't even have a preloader, so I had to pause the video at first until I guessed it was loaded.

The most known psychedelic drug would be acid, and I'm pretty sure it won't kill you easily. Also, people do drugs mostly for what they make them feel, also for the visual effects, but that depends on what drugs they are taking. The fucked up visual effects described in this video is a terrible representation of what LSD would make you see.

About the message - how could someone actually replace taking drugs with animating or drawing? It's obviously they are not the same thing, they won't get the same feeling.

What the hell.

What did I just watch? First of all, you didn't even delete that thing from the newgrounds preloader that is supposed to be deleted. It even says not to include that in the final movie, but you did.

Now, about the animation, that wasn't smooth at all. The movements were so ugly. At the first scene, the guy falls at a ridiculous speed. Nobody falls that slowly. And, another thing, why do none of those madness characters have feet? The story was simply awful, it made no sense at all. And it is so damn short. First, who are these characters, what is going on? It's so damn confusing. And, including hank, a character made by krinkels, only makes it worse, because it shows how bad you are at making original stuff.

Another thing is the music. I don't think it fits the flash very well. And, after the flash ends, the music doesn't! So, if you watch the flash more than once, it keeps playing even though it was previously playing, which makes it really, really annoying.

So, basically, this animation looks like something that was made really quickly, with no effort at all. You seriously need to work on your animation skills.


Not that music again. That shit is actually a fucking nightmare, lol. Yeah, I wasn't expecting that. I thought something that would actually be somehow scary would pop up. When I read "vai comecar o..." then I thought, nah, it ain't gonna be that. But well, it actually was that.
Good animation style, but it was too short. You could do something more serious next time. Or just keep doing your fucked up comedy flashes, which I find funny.

Esse negocio de rebolation eh realmente um pesadelo. Os gringo nem entendem que coisa que eh essa, voce poderia ate dar uma explicacao.

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Hey, this is actually entertaining! I like the fact how it's simple, yet a challenging game. Well, not really sure if it was challenging, the only level in which I actually had some difficulty beating was the last one. I think it would be good if you could actually turn this into a full game (well, full flash game, that is, which I don't know if it is considered "full"), as I see this one is experimental. You could add a few more features, make the game graphics a little better, and probably making it a little bit more difficult (adding more levels, different enemies/challenges/etc), but never ruining the game's simplicity. And you could also add some audio to the game, the game gets kind of boring without an appropriate song playing in the background.

Just... amazing.

This game is so awesome! I really enjoyed it.

This is an original game. Well, zombies aren't really an original idea, but a driving game with zombies, the army, and some sort of highway race for your life, well, yeah, that's original. I like the fact that the zombies are not the only thing that you have to care about. Dodging all that stuff in the middle of the road was fun, and I'm glad there is a handbrake button, because well, otherwise I would be crashing a lot more often. What I really like about this game is that, instead of most flash games, it is actually some sort of "fake 3D" game. I like the idea.

Now, the voice acting. It was so damn amazing. You got some awesome voice actors there.

The art was pretty neat. The zombies were well-drawn, and the car looked really good.

One of the things I thought that this game was lacking was a nitro upgrade to your car (that would be really usefull for dodging soldiers, or even get faster to the signs so you can crash the army helicopter there easier, without taking too much bullets), and maybe, some visual customizations such as car color, skirts, etc (yeah, I do know that in a zombie apocalypse the last thing you would care about is how good your car looks, but that would be cool).

So yeah, overall, amazing game, and it's kinda addicting.

This is great.

I really enjoyed this game. Being able to upgrade a weapon is a nice feature. Also buying them instead of unlocking them by completing achievements is a lot better. And there are a lot more weapons now, which is great. What I didn't like is the silencer: that thing makes a terrible and annoying noise.

The GAU-17 is a terrible gun. It sure has a lot of firepower, but it takes too long to start shooting. Maybe we should be able to ready up the gun by start spinning that thing (which I don't know the name) before shooting?

I'm not sure if the character creation is something useful, but it's cool anyways. I think there should be different hairstyles, the only decent one is the (semi) shaved head and beard.

Now, you should consider re-naming the Elite mode. It's so easy, I beat it once with a C3 Custom and also with the Rosemary without dieing (no perks or weapon upgrades). The puzzles, on the other side, were actually challenging and were fun. The defense job gets kinda repetitive after a while, but I guess it's fun.

Medals would be great. I 5'd for the possibility of medals ;) You could add some challenging medals, new ones, different from the in-game achievements (but also keep some of these achievements), because they are too easy. Maybe something like winning a battle without taking a shot, or beating all the elite jobs without dieing.

And all those people complaining about the game not loading properly should either try checking their internet connection or try switching browsers.

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Pretty good

I be likin' those drums and synths. Keep up the good work!

Sunseeker responds:

Thanks a ton DX :D

This is actually pretty good.

These lyrics are actually good. The beat is great, I don't think this would sound this good with a different beat.

Great job, keep it up.

Luke responds:


Sounds great.

These strings and piano keys really sound great. This is a different style of hip-hop, but I really like it.

4.49 / 5.00 (+ 0.050)

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Really nice! I liked the style you used here. Great job!


Wow, this is awesome! I really like the colors you used.
Keep up the great work!


This is simply awesome. I like how red-ish it is.

You got my fav.

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