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Duairt Eittle Episode 19 Duairt Eittle Episode 19

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Poorly animated.

Well, this is what I would expect from someone making his first flash. But apparently, you've been doing this for like three years or more.

The first thing you notice on the flash is how badly drawn and animated this is. The drawings are too plain. No real shading, shapes are terribly drawn, etc. Then, the animation. The characters just stand still, even while walking, using their hands to fight. By the way, the fighting scene was just ridiculous. The animation is not smooth, and who fights without even moving their hands and legs? And the colors used on the flash. Oh god they were awful. Terrible tones. You should look for smoother colors, not "hard" colors like that, as you never see such colors anywhere in the world.

Now, about that annoying "voice" I hear when the characters speak. Why even making a really annoying high pitched voice saying nothing at all? You should remove it. Instead, get some real voice acting. I've seen your voice acting work, and you should definitely not do it yourself.

Apart from the animation, the story is also terrible. Really. I see the genre is "Comedy - Original", but I didn't see any comedy in that flash, and it's probably not that original.

About you not taking criticism: this is newgrounds, you'll eventually take criticism (with such flashes, more like all the time. Oh, and criticism not always means bad comments on the work, there can also be good criticism, you should probably get to know your language a little bit more). Well, even outside newgrounds, you'd take criticism, work can never be perfect. Do you seriously only expect to get 10's and 5's out of this work? I don't think so. I'm not voting because I don't like your attitude, I'm voting on the quality of the flash. Maybe the fact that you've never been able to take criticism is why your animation hasn't improved for all the time you've been to newgrounds posting your flashes. If you don't like taking criticism, you should seek for another website, not newgrounds. This is not the place for you.

Do you really think your work is great? Take a second and try watching other flashes, some with real effort put into them, and you'll see you need to improve, and that your flash isn't the best on earth. So maybe you will start trying to actually put some effort on your flashes, try to make yourself better. But no, you're already too cool to do that.

If you do actually respond to this with a "Fuck You" or "Lol I don't take criticism", without even reading a little bit of this review and making a proper response, it really shows how immature you are.

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Mia responds:

I love how you ONLY TALK ABOUT THE BAD. That's not a review, dipshite.

psychedelic anti-drug PSA psychedelic anti-drug PSA

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Well, this is pretty retarded.

It looks like some sort of announcement for little kids by the tone of your voice, which made it even more ridiculous. Also, this is not a flash, just merely a video with bad quality. Keep videos for youtube. Also, this didn't even have a preloader, so I had to pause the video at first until I guessed it was loaded.

The most known psychedelic drug would be acid, and I'm pretty sure it won't kill you easily. Also, people do drugs mostly for what they make them feel, also for the visual effects, but that depends on what drugs they are taking. The fucked up visual effects described in this video is a terrible representation of what LSD would make you see.

About the message - how could someone actually replace taking drugs with animating or drawing? It's obviously they are not the same thing, they won't get the same feeling.

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Yule of Krills Yule of Krills

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This flash is just... awesome. The loop was so well done. And the animation style was pretty cool. The music fit the animation so well. I think I just had a brain orgasm.

Apparently by how well this flash was done I can tell you acid is a great drug for you.

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Madness SHOT Madness SHOT

Rated 0 / 5 stars

What the hell.

What did I just watch? First of all, you didn't even delete that thing from the newgrounds preloader that is supposed to be deleted. It even says not to include that in the final movie, but you did.

Now, about the animation, that wasn't smooth at all. The movements were so ugly. At the first scene, the guy falls at a ridiculous speed. Nobody falls that slowly. And, another thing, why do none of those madness characters have feet? The story was simply awful, it made no sense at all. And it is so damn short. First, who are these characters, what is going on? It's so damn confusing. And, including hank, a character made by krinkels, only makes it worse, because it shows how bad you are at making original stuff.

Another thing is the music. I don't think it fits the flash very well. And, after the flash ends, the music doesn't! So, if you watch the flash more than once, it keeps playing even though it was previously playing, which makes it really, really annoying.

So, basically, this animation looks like something that was made really quickly, with no effort at all. You seriously need to work on your animation skills.

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nightmare :&amp;lt;&amp;gt; nightmare :<>

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Not that music again. That shit is actually a fucking nightmare, lol. Yeah, I wasn't expecting that. I thought something that would actually be somehow scary would pop up. When I read "vai comecar o..." then I thought, nah, it ain't gonna be that. But well, it actually was that.
Good animation style, but it was too short. You could do something more serious next time. Or just keep doing your fucked up comedy flashes, which I find funny.

Esse negocio de rebolation eh realmente um pesadelo. Os gringo nem entendem que coisa que eh essa, voce poderia ate dar uma explicacao.

Brazilians are Sick Brazilians are Sick

Rated 1 / 5 stars


We eventually come up with weird shit, yes. But so as other countries. Take Asian countries for example. Also, I wonder how you came across that video. And you should have learned already that every single school take stuff WAY too seriously.

Now, talking about the animation
It is really short. I can see you did not put enough effort on it. But the voice acting is actually pretty good. The audio quality is great. If you made this flash longer, it would be better.

Psi43 responds:

Haha, thanks. I am actually German so i know all about those sick fetish stereotypes. I could have put more effort into the animation or made it longer, but for comedic purposes i did it like that. Thanks a lot though!

Ninja Fight! Ninja Fight!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Bad quality.

Really bad quality. The drawings are ok, but the flash makes no sense. "OH HAI LETS FITE". There is no sound at all. Not even a simple background music that suits the flash. You should add more colors, a preloader, and a "replay" button at the end, so the flash doesn't loop.
You should work more on this. If even you, the author, said it is crappy, then why did you even submit it? This is just an animated sketch. People don't like unfinished stuff.
Honest review, not influenced by any shitty beef I have with you.

GreatPowerfulTrixie responds:

Well, you are right, thank you for the hints!

We Hate Modern Warfare 2 We Hate Modern Warfare 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That overlord joke was so funny, I also wonder how those people know all that shit that's going on. And I found Ghost moving across the screen shaking his arms funny.
Good job, I really liked it.

MoozipanCheese responds:

Well, I'm glad you really liked it.

The Clown Downstairs The Clown Downstairs

Rated 5 / 5 stars

First attempt at a flash animation?

Kinda hard to believe, it looks so great, while most of the "first animations" I have seen so far look so crappy.
Great art, great animation. If this is your first, then probably your next ones are going to be epic.

JohnDavidHeptinstall responds:

Thankyou very much!

Soulja Boy - 2Milli Soulja Boy - 2Milli

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Even though this is not a flash animation, I'm still giving this a ten.

Damn... that's pretty awesome. I got really impressed with all those effects, 3d stuff, and shit. Seriously, it's fucking amazing. The video quality is not good, but if you uploaded it with full quality the file size would probably get over 50mb. At least it looks good, and I wouldn't like to sit here and wait for half an hour just for the movie to load.

Now, reviewing the song: nice flow, nice lyrics. Your latest tracks sound better than your older ones. I didn't really like the instrumental stuff, sounds too basic for me, but it sounds good.

Congratulations on 2 mil followers, and happy drug day tomorrow.