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Supreme Fucking Commander

2012-02-02 19:09:42 by dx5231

Fuck yeah.

Supreme Fucking Commander

So, clock day is over.

2011-08-16 15:50:16 by dx5231

(and I needed a new newspost)

It was pretty bad, but better than last year's. It seems like half the stuff was submitted between midnight and 12 PM (and I went to sleep at like 3am, so I missed lots of flashes). I submitted one flash, which after passing judgement got zero bombed. If it wasn't zero bombed by haters filled with jealously, it would probably have gotten either an award or it would've been a runner up, lmao.

Anyways, check it out. I was going to submit another one, but newgrounds didn't allow me. Probably because I submitted another flash on an alt, but that never stopped me from submitting something else.

Guess who's back

2011-01-23 06:16:20 by dx5231

back again
dx's back
tell a friend

So, yeah, back from the USA, now I have a fucking kickass computer, and the bad thing is that I haven't tested it yet, I still have to buy a monitor. And it is sunday today. Damn stores don't open on sundays. And I haven't slept because of the damn flight. I'm gon-artngjoasnuiogaw8uirwfuigf87awfyui

Edit: Well I haven't posted anything in a while so I might at least add that I'm no longer an icon mod. Yay. At least I won't have to worry about not doing icons, and feeling like I should make them because it's what I was supposed to do. I might still help out with some icons eventually, but just as a regular user.


2011-01-08 19:22:11 by dx5231

I am not going to be here for two weeks. Gonna travel to the USA.

If needed, leave a message below. I'll only answer after these 2 weeks, though.

01/17/2011 - Still at the USA, got some shitty internet connection. NY was cold as fuck.


2010-12-11 16:55:44 by dx5231

My previous news post was getting old so I decided to make a new one.

Go check out my website.

[EDIT] I've been having some connection problems lately. I won't be active here until I fix this shit up.


2010-11-08 13:17:06 by dx5231

So, I'm 17 years old now. Feels good.

Also, only one year until I can buy alcohol with no complications :3

My birthday is coming.

2010-10-24 14:27:57 by dx5231

Well, it's going to be on the November 8th, so I have 1 day left.

Also, I have a new profile picture. And remember to check out my website, and sign up.

Also, I finally have a new newspost.

Clock Day.

2010-08-15 09:15:11 by dx5231

No banner? Aw... just hope we get a lot of flashes today.

Anyways, I am going to submit 2 flashes today, anyone wants to be co-authored?

Flashes are going to be submitted later today, when I feel like it's a good time to submit.

EDIT: No more room for co-authors. Hacsev took the last spot.

I decided to re-make my NG Ultimate Quiz flash. I will make a version 2, with some different questions, same layout, some different animations, and I may come up with some stuff later.

And I'll probably include medals, if they get accepted. But first, I should focus on making the flash.

< Check out my not-so-new website <

cok dhey is 2morrow

2010-08-14 17:53:37 by dx5231

I already made a flash movie, and I am probably going to make another one. I just need inspiration now.

So, I am going to co-author people on my clock day flashes (some people), so if you want to be co-authored just leave a comment. And also, co-author me ;)

Also, tomorrow is the day I level up my b/p badge, thanks to the clock day.

blac coque

2010-07-05 22:59:54 by dx5231

(If you want flash icons, go check out my previous news post)

New art, check it out.

Also, I edited the news post, having a news post about my trip from like last month isn't cool.